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Cauris - Silk Square

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Cowries, shells that are also called "porcelain", were introduced around the 8th century in West Africa by Arab traders, to become, seven centuries later, one of the currencies of reference on the continent.

Symbol of power and wealth, cowries no longer serve as currency nowadays. Nevertheless, traces of this use persist: in Ghana where the Cedi, national currency, means « cowrie” in the Twi language; or in Cotonou, Benin, where the Bank of West African States branch is adorned with architectural elements representing cowries.

A symbol of fertility, a decorative element of hair and clothing, the cowrie is also used in the divinatory arts or to adorn ritual statutes.

Lucky charm or protection from the evil eye, it adorns the costumes of ceremonial dances, warriors, hunters and statues.

100% Silk Twill

Hand rolled hem

Made in Como, Italy

Dry clean only