Our Story

Taaranyi is Taar, "the beauty, the beautiful" in Wolof (Senegal) and Anyi, "our" in Igbo (Nigeria).

Taaranyi paints the history and culture of the Afro world on silk scarves and accessories. 

Taaranyi celebrates the richness of a double culture, Afro-European, and openness to the world.

Our ambition is to bring knowledge, discover or rediscover peoples, customs, in an unprecedented way. A radiant, luxurious and majestic Africa, resolutely in tune with the times!

Our ambition is to inspire you, in your lifestyle, to pique your curiosity but also to be part of a valued, unique and unprecedented offer approach!

This is the reason why, each creation, each silk square, will tell a story. 


Djulia & Kachi