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Anga - Silk Square

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This silk square is inspired by the Anga currency of Nigeria, the Kirdi currency of the North Cameroon, the Manjong currency of the Kwele of Gabon and Dorossié of Burkina Faso.

Inseparable from customary or traditional marriage throughout the world, the dowry is the contribution of goods by one of the families to the heritage of the other family or the couple.

In West Africa, the dowry ceremony traditionally brings together the extended family. It is the fiancé's responsibility to make offerings to his future in-laws, proof of his ability to support a family.

Metal, the most noble material, sought after and of significant monetary value, shaped by blacksmiths in the most diverse forms, served as a monetary reserve but also as a means of payment.

Thus, wedding currencies are part of, beyond their original function, a dimension of wealth and prestige but also spiritual through the transformation from iron to tool. The varied shapes of these tools underline this spiritual character.

100% Silk Twill

Hand rolled hem

Made in Como, Italy

Dry clean only