Tribute to Senegal, Morocco, Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Tanzania

SS 2022


Escape – noun. 1. An act of breaking free from confinement or control. 2. A form of temporary distraction from reality or routine.

November 2021, autumn has set in. In our Luxembourg regions, the sun is in our hearts but absent in the sky. We are thinking about our second collection and its associated theme.

As obvious and also echoing the last two years that we have just spent, an escape is essential.

We close our eyes, well-adjusted backpacks, we leave for a 15,000km tour of Africa. From Lac Rose in Sangalkam (Senegal), via the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech (Morocco), the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), we end our escapade by admiring the Mosi-oa-Tunya falls, or Victoria Falls, (Zambia & Zimbabwe) and the summit of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). Each scene in this unique collection has been thought of as a painting, an invitation to travel, inspiration, relaxation, even meditation.

Escape to our picturesque, colorful and vibrant universe for a colorful season through our silk scarves and bamboo shawls.



A must in Senegal, the Pink Lake is a lake of salt, famous for its concentration of salt and its pink color, more or less ochre, depending on the wind and the sunshine.
Our silk square "Pink lake" symbolizes the dusk, when the salt collectors are bringing their canoes back to shore. The day was long, fatigue is felt but it is quickly blurred by the calm twilight and the serenity that the scene inspires.
On the horizon, the birds are busy reaching their nests before dark. Fishermen go to rest, job done, tomorrow is another day!



Our silk square represents an art deco villa, a museum of Berber history, a magnificent botanical garden or when flora, architecture, history and culture come together in one place.
The sun is at its zenith, the chirping of birds fills the ambient calm despite the proximity of the city and its continuous daytime din. You enter this lush Eden, where the abundance of chlorophyll unifies you with nature.
At the end of the alley of red earth, stands the majestic Villa Majorelle, welcome to Marrakech!



Our silk scarf represents an imaginary landscape where fauna and flora mingle; where cut off from the world you face the humble forces of nature and animal life.

Kilimanjaro, the mythical roof of Africa, rises with its majestic presence in a savannah of modest luxuriance, where giraffes and elephants cohabit in complete serenity.

The ambient music is an ode to the abundance, to the sensuality of the Mosi-oa-Tunya falls flowing into the canyon.

Your hearing, smell and sight are delighted by this authentic scene full of tranquility.



Our silk square represents a desert setting and at the same time full of history, the Pyramids of Giza, witnesses, among other things, of the fascinating ancient Egypt are revealed.

Under oppressive heat, the Bedouins roam the Sahara under the mysterious and influential eye of Nefertiti.

A magical atmosphere dominates the scene around the imposing and enigmatic Sphinx, guardian of the temple gates. The proximity of the Nile calls the flora and its unusual feluccas. You feel the power of Egyptian civilization.

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